22 December, 2014

Welcome to Established in 2000 we are South Africa’s leading importer and specialist distributor of speed detection products. By shopping with us you join thousands of fellow South Africans who have avoided costly speed tickets by using a combination of safe vigilant driving and specialized products which we supply.


Our product line up include radar detectors & laser speed trap detectors, GPS based detectors, laser diffusers sometimes called laser jammers, radar speed guns and related speed countermeasure products.


We are able to conduct real field tests on our products as we able to source and supply approved speed measurement equipment as used by traffic authorities worldwide.

We supply world class products sourced from leading manufacturers like Blinder International, Denmark which are 100% compatible to our unique Southern African conditions. Our radar & laser detectors, laser jammers are shipped all over South Africa, rest of Africa and the Middle East.


All our products supplied represent the latest state of the art technology. Customers can keep up-to-date with all the latest news on radar detectors, find out which is the best radar detector with our radar detector reviews and developments via our website and our Facebook and Twitter updates.

We also have a YouTube channel which will feature radar detector reviews and radar detector tests.

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