Bushnell Velocity Radar Speed Gun


Bushnell Velocity Radar Speed Gun

Bushnell Velocity Radar Speed Gun


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Bushnell Velocity Radar Speed Gun (Colours may vary)

Bushnell Valocity Radar Speed guns from laserguys.co.za is a new addition to our range of Speed guns.
Bushnell Velocity Radar Gun makes it easy to measure the speed of a car, a baseball, or pretty much anything that moves.
Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun uses one of the best digital technology and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to provide accurate real time measurement, accurate to ± 1.0 MPH/ or ± 2.0 Km/h. Bushnell Velocity Speed Sport Radar Gun is more simplified then other radar guns, yet extremely effective. The Bushnell Velocity Sport Speed Gun features easy point and shoot operation.

This Bushnell Velocity radar gun displays speed in Miles per Hour MPH and in Kilometers per Hour km/h. As with all Radar Guns, there are certain mathematical properties of Doppler Radar that affect the accuracy of your Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun.

COSINE EFFECT ON TARGET VELOCITY The Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun Detector will measure the relative speed of a target as it approaches. If the target is in a direct line (collision course) with the Bushnell Velocity Radar Gun the measured speed will be exact. As the angle of incidence increases, if you move either right or left of this direct line, the radar accuracy will decrease. The measured speed will decrease as you move off this centerline. This phenomenon is called the Cosine Effect. It is called this because the measured speed is directly related to the cosine of the angle between the Bushnell Velocity Radar Gun and the target's direction of travel. As a quick reference to accuracy, remember to keep your targets direction of travel in a direct line with you, and not perpendicular.


  • Easy to use - Bushnell point-and-shoot pistol grip
  • Large, clear LCD police radar gun display
  • This is the latest version of Bushnell Velocity Radar Guns that supports both - MPH and km/h speed modes
  • Displays fastest speed once trigger is released
  • RF Radar with ±1 mph/ ±2 km/h accuracy

Range & Technical Specifications

Baseball radar gun/Softball/Tennis: 10-110 mph (90 feet away)/ 16-177 kph (27 meters away)
Auto Racing: 10-200 mph (1500+ feet away)/ 16-322 kph (457 meters away)
Statistics Modes: N/A
Weight: oz/grams 19 / 539
Accuracy: mph/km/h +/- 1 mph +/- 2 km/h
Battery Type: C (2) - Not Included
Size: in/mm 4.3 x 8.4 x 6/109 x 213 x 152

Att: Product Buyers and Customers - Please take note of the following:

This product is ONLY meant for occasional  recreational purposes and not for professional use. For enforcement or professional speed monitoring we recommend the Decatur GHD RADAR. The Bushnell Velocity Radar is not supplied with any Calibration certificate and cannot be recalibrated.

Product Warranty

For normal recreation use, Warranty is only valid for one year.
For all other purposes this warranty is VOID.Please note if product is dropped or mishandled in anyway warranty is VOID.

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